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News About Our Facility 


Learn more about The Paineless Center as well as our team by reading the articles posted below. Our facility is known to provide outstanding care to all our patients. Rest assured that we'll keep developing our services for better efficiency. 


Alternative Pain Treatments Reduce Suffering Without Addictive Drugs 


Dr. Chiu has performed the first minimally invasive, FDA-approved peripheral nerve stimulation for carpal tunnel syndrome in the state of New Jersey using StimRouter technology. 


The Painless Center is a pioneer in minimally invasive nerve ablation for chronic knee, sacroiliac joint and hip pain using Coolief technology. 


As the Pain Management Director for Newark Beth Israel, Dr. Chiu has created the first ketamine infusion protocol in the facility for opioid down titration and for the treatment of fibromyalgia and central pain syndrome. 


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