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Discography Specialist

Jason Chiu, MD -  - Pain Management Specialist

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Jason Chiu, MD

Pain Management Specialist & Anesthesiologist located in Clifton, NJ & Tenafly, NJ

Unexplained back pain can limit your activities and take away from your quality of life. To effectively manage your pain, Jason Chiu, MD, and his experienced medical team offer on-site diagnostics to better understand your pain. At The Painless Center in Tenafly and Carlstadt, New Jersey, Dr. Chiu can use advanced discography technology to identify the cause of persistent back pain, so he can design the right treatment plan for your needs. Find out more about the benefits of discography by calling the office nearest you today or book an appointment online now.


What is discography?

Discography is a diagnostic procedure that uses an injection of contrast material into the spinal discs to identify causes of back pain. Dr. Chiu relies on real-time imaging technology, like X-rays or a CT scan, to monitor the contrast dye and evaluate the health of your discs.

Your spinal discs are the protective cushions that sit between your vertebrae, absorbing the shock of your movements. The discs are strong, but they’re susceptible to damage from age-related wear and tear or due to trauma to the body.

Dr. Chiu may recommend a discography if you have unexplained back pain that may relate to your spinal discs.

How do I prepare for a discography?

Prior to your procedure, Dr. Chiu provides you with complete instructions to ensure accurate results. You may need blood work to evaluate your current health before a discography.

You may need to avoid eating or drinking for several hours before your test. If you take medications, you may need to wait until after your discography.

What can I expect during a discography?

Dr. Chiu and his medical team perform a discography on an outpatient basis. You receive an intravenous (IV) line into your hand or arm that delivers a medication to keep you relaxed but awake.

You lie on an exam table, and the team may place you in a certain position to perform the test correctly. Throughout the procedure, they also monitor your blood pressure and heart rate.

Prior to the injection of the contrast dye, Dr. Chiu applies a topical anesthetic to prevent pain during the injection. Once he injects the dye, he positions the imaging technology to evaluate the targeted discs and identify the source of your back pain.

Will I need to recover from a discography?

After the procedure is done, the team removes the IV line, and you may spend a brief time in recovery before going home to rest.

It’s common to have some pain in the injection site for a few hours. An ice pack and over-the-counter medications are typically effective at dealing with this pain.

After a thorough review of your test results, Dr. Chiu can schedule a follow-up visit to discuss your treatment plan for disc damage he discovers during your discography.

Find out more about the benefits of a discography by scheduling a consultation at The Painless Center today, online or by phone.