Are surgeries the last resort to your back pain?

Back Pain

A new modality for patients with chronic back pain even after spinal surgery can include a new waveform of technology called spinal cord stimulator.

Here at The Painless Center, we use spinal cord stimulator technologies from all spectrum of neuromodulation companies to provide you the back pain relief that you have been looking for.  Spinal cord stimulation works by creating signals around your spine to minimize and block the pain that is debilitating you on a daily basis. The procedure involves a minimally invasive trial followed by a minimally invasive implant if the trial is successful.  You are in the driver's seat to decide if this procedure will work for your pain. If you are suffering from:

Spinal cord stimulation may be the answer you are looking for.  Please call 201-592-7246 to schedule your consultation at The Painless Center or visit us at


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