Can IV Therapy Help My Migraine?

Can IV Therapy Help My Migraine?

A whopping 38 million Americans officially suffer from migraines, and the real number is probably much higher. Unlike a regular headache, a migraine is intense and debilitating, and can be hard to beat with normal headache remedies. 

The Painless Center, with locations in Carlstadt and Tenafly, New Jersey, provides IV vitamin infusion therapy to help you get rid of migraine pain and improve your sense of well-being.

Hydration matters

Migraines can have many triggers, including hormonal changes, environmental toxins, and even changes in the weather. Getting dehydrated is another common trigger; not getting enough water means your whole body suffers, and you’re primed for a vicious attack. You should be drinking somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 eight-ounce glasses of water every day, more if you are tall or heavy, and even more if you work outside and sweat a lot. 

You can bump up your hydration levels with IV vitamin infusion therapy even faster than gulping down a big jug of H20, and help ease your migraine symptoms. The combination of vitamins, saline, and electrolytes in IV therapy goes right into your bloodstream, carrying hydration where you need it most, without filtering it through your stomach where most of it will simply run through your kidneys and out again as urine. 

Nutrition makes a difference

Most Americans operate on a severe nutritional deficit. Studies show almost no one gets the amount of vitamin D and vitamin E they should, and one in two people also don’t get enough vitamin C. Vitamin deficiency is another common migraine trigger that may be staved off with timely IV therapy.

Jason Chiu, MD will evaluate your health and migraine patterns, and develop the vitamin mix he believes will be most beneficial to you. Once your IV is in place, it usually takes about 30 minutes for 100% absorption. Most patients find that they start feeling better immediately as migraine symptoms recede. You might even find that your migraines don’t return for days or weeks after your vitamin IV infusion.  

Specialty migraine IV therapy infusions

Research has revealed that lack of sleep may directly affect the number and intensity of migraines you have. IV therapy infusions can restore hydration and reset your vitamin levels, helping you fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep longer. Magnesium added to your infusion can be particularly helpful for inducing relaxation and productive sleep. 

For stubborn migraine pain that is resistant to other methods of treatment, we can also discuss ketamine therapy. This is an IV drip that helps your brain perceive pain signals differently, giving you relief from even the most troublesome migraine effects. 

Ready to feel better and do more with your life than lying in a dark room? Contact us today to finally find relief from your migraines.

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