How Regenerative Medicine Can Change Your Battle With Chronic Pain

How Regenerative Medicine Can Change Your Battle With Chronic Pain

Chronic, never-ending pain can seem like an unfixable problem. But, as medicine advances, discoveries are transforming the ability to heal. Regenerative medical therapies have revolutionized how we treat chronic pain problems, allowing you to tap into your body's healing capabilities to potentially resolve your chronic pain for good. At The Painless Center, we provide cutting-edge treatment options for patients with a wide range of chronic pain complaints, from rheumatoid arthritis to joint pain.

Activate your natural healing factors 

Regenerative medicine uses your body’s natural healing abilities to kick-start new tissue growth and improve overall vitality. Regenerative medicine can be effective for treating even unusual pain conditions like neuropathy and show promise for autoimmune issues like rheumatoid arthritis and for accelerated healing of soft tissue damage.

After regenerative medicine treatment, inflammation retreats, and the number of healthy cells in your body increases. Due to tissue damage or other problems, areas of your body may not fully function at a cellular level, leaving you suffering from chronic pain. Regenerative medical therapies use an infusion of mesenchymal stem cells to replace dead or diseased cells in your body.

Not only will the mesenchymal stem cells replace non-functioning cells in the treatment area, but their regenerative properties also kick-start your system for healing and new growth. Your chronic pain and other symptoms will continue to improve after treatment due to the ongoing effects of the stem cells.

A groundbreaking injection therapy for chronic pain

At The Painless Center, we use ethically sourced tissue as the basis of our regenerative medical therapy treatments. Donated umbilical cord material following live births of full-term babies is rich in mesenchymal stem cells and has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial benefits. We test donated fluids at multiple points for any disease or contamination before preparing your injection. 

We tailor your regenerative medicine treatments to your individual needs, targeting an injection area located near the pain or other damage. After the injection, you shouldn't need much recovery time. Many of our patients return to work or daily activities right after treatment. As with any injection treatment, there are a few health risks, including the risk of infection, something we do everything to minimize. Clinical studies are conducted every day to explore the potential of different new healing therapies, and the boundaries of our knowledge about regenerative medicine are constantly expanding.

To learn more about how regenerative medicine can transform your chronic pain condition, schedule an initial consultation with The Painless Center today. Our team of care professionals is ready to support you in your battle against pain. To make your appointment, call our office, or book online.

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