IV Therapy: Can It Help My Migraines?

Everyone gets headaches from time to time. Headaches can usually be cured with over-the-counter medication, but migraines are more severe, often needing professional treatment.

Severe, throbbing one-sided head pain can be debilitating. Are you one of the 38 million Americans who suffer from migraines? If so, you probably do almost anything to get rid of them. 

The Painless Center, with locations in Carlstadt and Tenafly, New Jersey, offers a natural way to treat migraines — IV vitamin infusion therapy.

Boost your hydration

Dehydration is one of the main culprits for migraines. When you’re dehydrated, your brain can temporarily shrink and cause intense head pain. However, getting an adequate amount of water daily is often easier said than done. The average woman should consume 11.5 cups of water, and men should drink 15.5. 

IV vitamin infusion therapy can boost your hydration levels more than drinking water alone. Each IV therapy contains a combination of vitamins, saline, and electrolytes. By hydrating your body faster and more efficiently than drinking water, your body will distribute the hydration to the parts you need it most. 

Having optimal hydration levels not only improves your migraine symptoms, but also keeps your energy levels high, allowing you to take on the day and be your most productive self.

Replenish vitamin levels

If you’re like most Americans, you probably don’t get the vitamins and nutrients you need. Recent studies show that almost everyone falls short of the proper vitamin D and vitamin E levels, and nearly half the population doesn’t get enough vitamin C. Migraines may occur as a result of vitamin deficiency.

Vitamin IV therapy involves restoring your body with the essential vitamins without using the digestive system. Jason Chiu, MD administers an IV in your arm to help you get your vitamin levels back on track quicker and better than any oral supplement or food. 

In approximately 30 minutes, you’ll kickstart your health with IV therapy, which offers a 100% absorption rate. Most patients feel better immediately following their treatment and notice the effects of IV therapy last for days and even weeks after. 

Packed with electrolytes

Electrolytes are minerals that have an electrical charge. Your body needs electrolytes to aid in energy production and muscle function. A migraine can be triggered if you don’t have enough electrolytes. 

IV therapy involves an electrolyte-packed solution that can help alleviate your migraine while preventing new ones from happening. When you boost your electrolyte level, you also regulate your blood pressure and help muscles, like your heart, to contract.

Get better sleep quality

You might have noticed migraines occur when you don’t get good sleep. Research shows a direct link between lack of sleep and migraines. Sometimes it might be hard to fall asleep. Other times you may wake up, but feel unrested. 

IV therapy can improve your REM sleep to make you feel more rested. By restoring your body’s hydration and vitamin levels, you’ll notice you reach a deeper state of sleep.

We even have drips with magnesium that can help improve your relaxation levels and keep stress at bay — two ingredients that are known to help sleep.

The natural way is the best way

Triptans are one of the kinds of medications prescribed for migraines. Although triptans offer some people relief, they also come with side effects like nausea and fatigue. Taking triptans too much can also create a rebound headache, causing you to get more migraines than you previously did. 

IV therapy is a natural way to treat your migraines without the harmful chemicals and side effects that come with medication. When you get nutritional IV therapy, you also get other health benefits like boosted energy, mood regulation, and anxiety relief. 

Contact us today to put an end to your migraines.

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