Signs Your "Blues" Are Actually Depression (ketamine infusions)

Signs Your "Blues" Are Actually Depression  (ketamine infusions)

Everyone feels blue sometimes, with emotions like sadness, hopelessness, frustration, or even despair making it challenging to maintain your mood and mental health balance. But, if your blue feelings persist over weeks, months, or years, or if your sadness or hopelessness seems to take all the good feelings out of your life, you might be dealing with depression.

Some people with depression find relief from persistent negative mood states with antidepressant medications, or through therapeutic modalities like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). For others, depression can resist treatment, and blue days may seem to be here to stay.

At The Painless Center, our pain management specialists take your mental and emotional health and wellness seriously. Dr. Jason Chiu and his team provide effective treatment for treatment-resistant depression using intravenous (IV) infusions of ketamine. Dr. Chiu offers ketamine infusion therapy for depression from offices in Tenafly and Carlstadt, New Jersey.

Could you benefit from ketamine therapy for depression? If you see these troubling signs and symptoms, you should learn more about your options for restoring your good mood, resilience, and mental and emotional well-being.

Signs and symptoms of depression

Depression can look different for each person who experiences it. It can be difficult to determine whether you’re just in a bad mood, or having a hard time, or if your emotions actually indicate underlying depression.

You might feel persistent sadness or melancholy, and struggle with bouts of crying or emotions of despair, aloneness, or hopelessness. Or, depression could leave you feeling flattened out, not able to connect with loved ones or the activities that have given you joy in the past. 

You could even be more prone to frustration, anxiety, or experience unpredictable mood swings, as a result of depression.

Some people notice physical symptoms of depression, as well as emotional issues. Your sleep could be disrupted, or you could have a hard time getting to sleep at night (insomnia). Digestive and stomach problems may also co-occur with depression.

Depression pulls you away from the life you love, and can keep you feeling trapped with negative, stagnant emotions. If your blue moods are significantly impacting your life, seeking treatment for depression should be a priority.

Ketamine infusion for depression

Ketamine infusion therapy shows promise as a treatment for depression that doesn’t respond enough to other therapies and management strategies. Dr. Chiu and his team specialize in safe IV therapy treatment.

Your ketamine infusion therapy treatment plan lays out a series of infusion treatment sessions. Delivered at non-addictive doses through an IV that bypasses your digestive system, therapeutic ketamine stimulates your brain to create new neural pathways.

After completing your treatment sequence, the parts of your brain that fall vulnerable to negative emotions during a depressive episode can be so transformed that your depression symptoms are much less present, or possibly even nonexistent.

To learn more about how IV ketamine therapy for depression could benefit you or someone you love, get in touch with Dr. Chiu and the team at The Painless Center today. Schedule your initial consultation appointment online or over the phone now.

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