The Benefits of Coolief for Your Knee Osteoarthritis

Your knees have an important job. As one of the strongest and most essential joints in your body, your knees help perform everyday tasks like walking, standing, and sitting. 

Your knees carry a lot of weight. When you walk on flat ground, the force placed on your knees is equal to 1.5 times your body weight. That’s why after years of wear-and-tear, many people experience knee osteoarthritis.

Although osteoarthritis isn’t curable, luckily, it’s treatable. At The Painless Center, located in Tenafly and Carlstadt, New Jersey, we offer Coolief* as a minimally invasive treatment to improve knee pain. 

Symptoms of knee osteoarthritis

More than 30 million people in the United States have osteoarthritis — the knee being one of the most commonly affected areas. 

Knee osteoarthritis has symptoms like:

Knee pain severity differs from person-to-person. Though some can carry on with their everyday tasks, others need medical intervention to improve their quality of life. 

How Coolief* works

As the first and only radiofrequency treatment that is FDA-approved, Coolief* focuses on heating your knee’s nerve tissues to deactivate pain-causing signals. When you come in for your treatment, Jason Chiu, MD administers a tiny energy current through your knee tissue using a probe or electrode. 

The device is coupled with a built-in cooling system to help keep you comfortable during your procedure. The cutting-edge system transmits water through the device while using heat technology to better target pain tissue. 

A Coolief* procedure takes about 30 minutes and may take up to two weeks before you experience results. The treatment offers relief for moderate-to-severe forms of osteoarthritis.

Benefits of treatment

If you like what you’ve read so far, you’re probably wondering what Coolief*’s benefits are like. Here we explain what you can expect from treatment.

Alternative to surgery

Many people with osteoarthritis don’t particularly like the idea of undergoing surgery. That’s because of its generally invasive measures, long recovery time, and expensive price tag.

Coolief* offers an effective treatment for improving osteoarthritis pain without making any incisions. No anesthesia is used, so there are fewer risks associated with the procedure. Since Coolief* is an outpatient procedure, you’ll get to go home immediately after you’re finished.

Impressive results

Chronic knee pain can limit your everyday activities. It can also plummet your quality of life, causing you to spiral into depression. As a long-term solution for pain relief, Coolief* has impressive results.

Two-thirds of patients who underwent Coolief* treatment found that their knee pain was cut in half. Patients found an 83% reduction of severe arthritis symptoms. But one of the best ways patients experience benefits is by their improved quality of life and overall wellbeing.

No opioids 

Many people experiencing osteoarthritis pain are offered pain medication — generally opioids. Although this may be suitable for some patients, others steer clear because of their addictive nature.

Coolief* provides a safe and healthy alternative to pain medicine. You can experience results firsthand without having to rely on medication.

Long-lasting effects

One of the best parts of Coolief* is its long-lasting results. Unlike many other treatments for osteoarthritis, Coolief* results are long-lasting and can be enjoyed for up to a year. Patients even reported better and longer-lasting results with Coolief* than with steroid injections. 

Contact us today to find out if you’re a good candidate for Coolief* treatment.

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